The Latest Must Have Accessory for Back-To-School


It’s almost time to start planning those busy back to school shopping trips. If you have a tween daughter that will be starting middle or junior high school this upcoming year, I’m sure the main item on her list isn’t paper or pencils, but clothes and lots of them! And she’s sure to have her own cool and distinctive style when it comes to choosing the perfect new outfits. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could incorporate her own individual fashion sense into some functional school supplies as well? makes it possible!

The transition from elementary to middle school or junior high is a hard one for both the parents and the child. They aren’t quite grown-up yet, but they’re no longer a little kid either. They want to fit in and unfortunately that sometimes causes them to forget the particular qualities that make them so special. Their locker will be a place that they’ll go to everyday, to meet up and chat with friends, or just escape from the craziness of the school day. It should be a place they can call their own so why shouldn’t it be designed to match a young girl’s own personality?

Started by two Moms in Texas, LuvUrLocker is a cool locker accessory company like no other. They offer everything from funky wallpapers to colorful decorative flowers and dry erase boards to keep her organized during her busy schedule. When you go to the website, click on the Design Ur Locker feature, you’ll be taken to a page where you can design the locker right there. Choose the wallpaper design first, from 12 fun and colorful varieties. Add a flower shaped mirror, dry erase board, pencil bin, or some groovy glittery magnets. Megaphones, stars and hearts are also available to be added. You can even add letters to spell out her name, the school’s initials, or anything she likes. Click and drag the items around with your mouse to put everything exactly where you want it. You’re in control.

All of the items from LuvUrLocker are made in the USA and they are made of sturdy materials that will stay in place and last all school year long. Order extra shapes and supplies in different colors to mix and match throughout the year. These are great quality products that can’t be found anywhere else. The vibrant colors will stand out amongst the usual boring shades of typical locker accessories found in stores. Soon all her friends will want their own LuvUrLocker decorations. She’ll absolutely love having the coolest locker in school! And the best part of all is the fact that she designed it herself!

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Fun Locker Decorations for Back to School


One of the best things about having a school locker is that you get to decorate the inside however you like. It’s the place at middle school or high school that your teen can call her own. These days, school locker decorations have gone beyond the usual plain mirror and boring plastic pencil bins that never seem to stay where you put them. Now your tween or teen can choose from a wide array of cute and cool locker decorations to match her own fun personal style. is a website that was started by two moms in Texas who wanted their own daughters to have a choice in their locker decorations. With the handy tools found in the Design Ur Locker section on the website, you can design and decorate your own locker in your choice of color, shapes, letters and more. Assuring that no two Luv Ur Locker designs will be the same. Each girl has her own unique and individual style. There’s no reason why their school locker decorations shouldn’t be the same!

You begin by choosing your favorite wallpaper, choose from funky animal prints or girly floral prints, then add some fun must have accessories like a dry erase board for writing down quick notes about homework or after school activities, a cute flower mirror to keep everything in check throughout the school day, and metallic stars and heart decorations that will make your school locker pop! Design your locker with your favorite color, or mix and match two or more trendy colors to make it exclusively yours.

After you decorate your own locker on the Luv Ur Locker site, you can move around the items with your mouse to see firsthand how awesome it’s going to look. These fun girly decorations are all made in the USA and built to last the entire school year, keeping your locker looking fabulous all semester long.

These locker decorations are a great back to school gift idea for that tween who is just entering middle or junior high school. Or even a fun gift for a senior high school student who wants a cool change up for her locker decorations for her final year. Any girl is sure to love making her locker her very own with these awesome school locker decorations from Luv Ur Locker. Visit them today to get a head start on your back to school purchases!

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Decorating your School Locker – Top Tips


Decorating school lockers have become a playful activity for teenagers.  Most students are eager to go to school so that they may decorate their lockers. When it comes to decoration, there are so many ways of going about. Children enjoy decorating their lockers; they like making their locker look bloomed up, and all colorful, representing what they actually are. Of course, they would like decorating their lockers, you would also agree who likes a dull metal gloomy locker, and no one does.

Today we are going to talk about basic but important tips when it comes to decorating your locker and making sure it remains the eye candy of not only your but other people too. Who does not want their locker to be the best locker in the school but attain that level it is important for you to understand a few basic important tips. It is important for you to know about your schools locker policies. Many schools do not allow any kind of school locker accessories or even to paint their lockers to make them look better. You would not want to be fined for doing something, which is against the school policy, would you.

Once you know the school locker polices, make sure that you clean up your locker to make space for the school locker accessories that you would bring in. this is an important part when it comes to decorating your locker. A dirty and messed up locker would not show up the accessories that you have used rather it would make the locker look messier. Thus, it is important to keep your locker organized and clean.

In addition, even though you have bought your school locker accessories from the store that does not mean that, you just place them in your locker. It depends on you and your imagination how well you put up your theme. Yes, a theme is necessary when decorating your locker. This helps in creating cohesion amongst the accessories, which is also important. In case, you plan to use pictures to one way of blooming them up is to use different kinds of trimmings. By using trimmings, you can actually hide areas of the picture, which you might not want to show, such as adding a star or a cloth design to cut off a dirty background. There are so many companies today, who have started providing locker decoration services. Luv Ur locker is one such company, they make sure that they provide the best services to their customers at a reasonable price.

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Create top quality locker decorations


Locker decorations have become a style statement. Yes, it is true; we all have been hearing that your style statement is what you wear that shows off your personality. However, when it comes to the school world and teenagers to be specific, locker decorations becomes an important part of their lives. You might be wondering if this is a new trend coming up, it is a trend that has been found amongst school goers. These children of today are eager to go to schools so that they may style their lockers to look the best.

Therefore, you will find many teenagers who would be shopping around for school locker decorations. These school locker decorations could be found in stores or even could be made by you. You need to understand that when we talk about school locker decorations, these are not only the physical decorations that are available in stores, paper clippings, fabric trimmings, wrapping papers glitter all fall under this category.

Then again, there are people who want to make locker decorations for their lockers by themselves. It may sound hard but if you are creative enough, there is no such thing that you cannot attain. An important factor that should be considered when creating your own decorations is that you use high quality products. For example if you are making something out of clay, make sure you do not use cheap clay to produce it. This may lead to a bad finish and have a smaller life.  In addition, you can use trimmings and use them as decorations. When using trimmings to decorate or frame your pictures, make sure that you use matching colors or at least it is important to use a decent color. Cut out can be used, but they should be properly cut, until and unless you want your locker to have a messy look. One thing which teenagers need to consider is that just in case you are not a good creator, it is better you opt for buying them.

All right, if you opt for buying locker decorations, make sure you understand the basic; a higher price for the product will not always come with good quality. Research is required and proper observance also. When buying a product, make sure you observe the product from all aspects and check the quality of the product. Some products may look pretty but they might not be durable. In addition, another creative idea you can actually opt for is to buy the basic framework and then decorate it with glitters and clippings anything that you would like according to your taste. Luv Ur Lockers, is a company, which provides locker services to people, they make sure that they work according to their clients preferences, in case you want handcrafted products they can provide you with them too.

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Top Tips To Decorate Your Locker


These days’ teenagers are on their holidays; however, within a month or two they will join back their schools soon. Unlike our times when we never liked going to school, students today are more eager to go back to schools. It is true that they are happy to meet their friends at school, but what fancy them the most is the upcoming trend of locker decoration. On the other hand, where teenagers are happy shopping for the prefect stationary, they are also searching for locker accessories for their lockers. Teenagers these days have become active in their search to find the best locker accessories so that they can show them off at the commencement of their school.

We are all known that lockers tend to show up as boring and dull. These are made from different kinds on metals, which depends on the school which metal they opt for. However, cheaper metals could give a sloppy look, which no one likes. To overcome such problem, you can decorate your locker, especially from the inside so it does not give a sloppy feeling, rather more of roomy feeling. To decorate your locker at its utmost lever, there are some tips and tricks, which are followed. It is always important that you check with your school policies and see if they allow locker decorations or not. In addition, you need to know to what extent they allow you to decorate your locker that is if you can paint them or not.

To have the best locker in the school make sure you keep them clean. A clean locker goes a long way; a dirty locker would make your decoration and locker accessories like dump. Thus, it is important for you to keep your locker clean so that you may show off the locker accessories, wallpapers, and pictures that you have used to decorate the locker. One thing more if you have junk piled up in the locker the decoration would be barely visible. Make sure that you always keep your locker clean, neat and organized. In addition, when you are decorating your locker, make sure you choose your decorations wisely. Even though you want the locker to represent your personality, you need to keep in mind that the locker would be viewable by other people too such as teachers, especially when you open it put your books and other things in.

Trimmings are a good way of decorating and arranging the content in your locker. You can always use trimmings of cloth, shiny fabrics, chart papers, gift papers and many more to create emphasis. If you still require help, you can always go to Luv Ur Locker, they will provide you with services related to locker decorations.

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Check Out Great Ideas To Decorate Lockers


School is just around the corner. With September on its way fast, so are the schools reopening. While you would be busy arranging your bookshelf to make space for new upcoming books, you would also be busy finding the best stationery for your upcoming classes. The good thing about school reopening is that you tend to get new pens in different colors, decorated in glitter and girly designs. The school life is not all about study, for teenage girls it is also about showing their personality. While half of the time they are studying in their classes, many of these girls show personality by using locker decorations.

Locker decorations have become a fun activity amongst kids, this is not only a way of showing off their personality, but also they act as a soothing point. Students after class visit their lockers to put their books and take up things, which they require. These lockers come in different sizes, and are made up of different metals. However, their work is the same that is of holding books and other accessories. Locker decorations have become a trend in today’s world, and many students look up to the opening of schools just to decorate their lockers.

There are so many ways of jazzing up your locker; the only thing required is to let your creativity flow. Creativity is an important aspect when it comes to locker decorations without which it may make your locker look as if it has just been organized. You can always use wallpapers, gifts papers inside of you locker walls. This would not make the locker look dull and gloomy. We all know is that lockers are dark places, to pump up the locker you can go to the stores and buy those small battery charged lights, which come in different colors. This would bring about light into the locker.

Make sure you have a theme for your locker. Locker decorations tend to be eye popping when you have a theme intact to them. These themes can be glam, sporty and tropical. There are many other themes like a cartoon-based theme, a movie based theme but one thing you need to make sure that the theme always represents your expression and life. For someone who is famous in school would opt for the glam theme with sparkles, branded products, high-end makeup bags, and branded products along with jeweled magnets or even pictures of your favorite celebrity. A Glam theme would be based on class, social life, and elegance. In case you still are unable to decide how to go about it, there is a company Luv Ur locker who could help you deciding how to decorate you locker and may provide you decoration services at the best price.

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